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— Oscar Wilde.

Hi and Welcome!

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Eve and I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 adorable heathens and wife to the love of my life! I am an overwhelmed, scatterbrained (half the time), exhausted hot mess! I’m managing a day at a time in this lovely journey we call life! Here I am… Deep breaths… raising my tribe! I have a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Iowa and I’m so thankful for all those child psychology courses! I feel like they help me understand the inner workings of my children’s minds… or so I like to think. I am currently homeschooling 2 of my 3 children. We are an all year-around homeschooling family, so days maybe shorter but our weeks are longer throughout the year. My eldest (we’ll call her A) is almost through 3rd level of our curriculum we use(bookshark) and very ready to begin 4th. She is a wild, passionate, fun loving 9.5 year old. My middle (I) is just weeks from finishing Kindergarten! He is the sweetest, most amazing Dino loving, future Pokémon trainer that the world has ever seen!! He will be turning 7 years old in September! My youngest (E) is just weeks away from turning 2 and ornery as ever! He reminds me that I know nothing about parenting in the least bit and teaches me a thing or two. He completes us! Although homeschooling is very challenging…it is very rewarding and so doable!! Seeing my children learn firsthand is incredible!! There are days I want to throw in the towel, LORD knows I do… but I keep on keeping on!! With lots of prayer, patience, and coffee…We manage. I couldn’t be prouder of my children! I have been asked by many of friends many times about homeschooling so I decided to make this blog so that I can help others who want to know more about homeschooling and have questions. I will try to answer them as best as I can. Along with being available; I will also be sharing our homeschooling journey/story, recommendations on curriculums, anything and everything parenthood/homeschooling related. I will also probably blog about my hobbies and interest as well… photography since it’s a big passion of mine, painting, cooking, gardening, sewing, anything and everything! There are so many things to write about; challenges, accomplishments… It’s an open canvas!! So feel free to subscribe to come along for this wild ride! You can also follow me on facebook and Instagram!


Gardening with your child

This year we decided to make a garden with the children. Our children have helped make the raised bed boxes, put up the fencing and the planting. There are many benefits to gardening for children.

To list a few it teaches children confidence and independence.

It teaches them to care for another living organism.

It teaches them resilience.

Along with problem solving and critical thinking.

I highly suggest making a small garden with your children. Have them research what grows well in your area, along with the right times to plant. Another thing to consider is planting plants that grow well with each other. Even a little herb garden would be wonderful for them to feel a sense of proud. Have them water their garden and pull weeds. It also teaches them responsibility.

Would love to see pictures and hear about your gardening experience with your children! Here’s a few images of ours.




Volcano Experiment

As we were wrapping up the Rock Unit for my middle’s K curriculum, we finished it up with a volcano experiment. He was thrilled!! He learned about the 3 different types of rocks and in this case ignesous rocks which are formed from lava. We also throw in for old time sake the rock episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He didn’t neccessary share our love for the show but none the less learned from it. My eldest had joined in last minute for a refresher, since she didn’t remember when we did it for her kindergarten.

So here’s what we did…

-we used play doh to make our volcano and used a bundt pan to form it (little trick my husband came up with)

-helpful tips-use a big bowl to catch everything. Something that we would have done differently is make the inside of the volcano as wide as possible to make a large thin layer of baking soda for a bigger explosion versus ours which was taller and skinny.

-pour baking soda inside in the middle of volcano

-add food coloring to your white vingear

-pour it in and have fun!


Uplift in a time of crisis

With so much negativity right now and so many changes to our daily life, it’s important to teach our children to be uplifting and hopeful. Our neighborhood is doing a chalk walk, where fellow neighbors can go for a walk or drive throughout their day to see uplifting artwork to help with morale. I think this is a wonderful thing to do with your children and will teach them to not give up and to be brave during this time. It will also brighten up their day knowing they are doing something that will make a difference and really effect others in a positive way. I challenge you to do the same! Here is ours for some inspiration!


Homeschooling with a toddler

The challenge of homeschooling while having a toddler is enormous! If you aren’t trying to stop them from getting ahold of the scissors or stapler or eat the glue and chalk are you even homeschooling with a toddler?! The last hour I was literally struggling to get school done with my middle because my (E) made just about every attempt to have us accomplish nothing, with every toss and rip of you name it. If you are in the same boat…take a second and breathe mama. Deep breaths… for real… You aren’t alone and this too shall pass…

So what does homeschooling with a toddler look like…. it may look like this…..

or this…

or maybe this…

What can we do to get through this time frame? Be kind to ourselves and smile. What else can you do but practice patience…lots of prayers…soon enough you’ll be able to get back to business with all kiddos at the table learning. It also helps to have something for your little one to do. I have developed a little corner of our classroom for (E). I have all the boardback books for him to keep him entertained and learning as well. I also take sometime a day to read to him. In a way he has his own school set up and my hope is that it will make the transition into school days easier for him when the time comes.

Keep snacks available. Extra paper for scribbles. Toys that can keep their attention for a little while. I have found that if we can get him asleep for a nap during the early afternoon, we can get a golden hour or two of school!! Best of luck mamas!!


We are still here!

Hello fellow mama educators! I’m still here…even though I know it’s been a hot minute!! So just an update on where we are at right now, since things seem to have been changing. (A-age 9) is still doing 3rd level in bookshark. She’s about 8 weeks left…it has taken us forever to get through this level!! Which could be because my middle (I-age 6) has taken a lot more of my time starting kindergarten. Kindergarten is a big one because it teaches the foundation and the basics of learning!! So I have focused a lot more time getting him on the right track. Which led to (A) having to do more school work on her own and asking on occasion for my help. As soon as she is done we will go right into 4th level school work. She has been learning a lot about US History, Multiplication, Grammar Rules, Biology(growing plants experiment), Nature studies. She is also in dance and in a class with many other homeschoolers, which has been amazing!! She is currently doing a TOPS experiment where she is growing corn and beans. I think I will make a separate post about all that! (I) has been learning the alphabet and the phonics of the letters. I’m currently using my father’s world curriculum for him. I am using this one because it’s what I already had. I have noticed growth in his education since starting this curriculum. My precious (E-22 months) is now a very active participant in his brother’s school work. Post on homeschooling with a 22 month old to come! (I) has learned the a-a-apple song that comes with the curriculum and you can bet (E) has learned it too.

A few things that we have done this past month with the kids as well below!

My question for you is what would you like to see more of? What struggles are you currently facing where I can help? We are in this together… No reason to feel alone. I know I have felt so alone at times and I don’t want anyone to feel that way. If you’d like to chat just send me a DM on my facebook page. Hope to be a little more active on the blog! Don’t forget to follow the blog to be up to date with any latest post! Have a few more things I’d like to touch base on and will add those posts separately! Look forward to hearing from you mamas!


Didn’t have much to do with homeschool but was a fun experience for the kids. 1st monster truck show and they all loved it! Just an overall fun family thing to do together.

Next we hit the book harder this month. (A) Did a lot of reading (I) still working on holding his pencil right (E) His little book nook (little peek into one of our school days this past month)

Last Sunday we took the kids for a hike in a canyon that’s near us. Learning about rocks, animals and survival. A favorite past time for us to do with the kids! Got to love those nature walks!

Things that the great outdoors teaches children

Hello mamas! I know it’s been a while and this post has been a long time coming! So here it is…

Last month we had our 1st camping trip as a family in Idaho Springs, CO. I think it’s so important for children to have an experience like this because we forget how to live away from our comforts in our good old 21st century. We are so glued to our technology that we lose sight in the importance of human interaction and the world around us!

Here are a few things that I noticed my children learned on our camping trip… I’m sure I’m not listing all of them but these are the most noticeable for me.

1: They learned to pitch a tent

2: They gathered wood and start a fire along with keeping the fire going/fire safety

3: They cooked over an open fire

4: They got dirty and had fun doing it

5: They slept outside

6: They laughed and made up stories

7: They observed nature

8: They learned to fish for the 1st time and caught their first fish

9: They experienced a new place

10: Teaches them to be children and not have a care in the world

11: To explore the world around them and to find adventure

So if there’s still time before your families get really busy with book work at home, plan a camping trip with your kiddos! I would also suggestion getting a nature journal for them to write down what they see or what they found interesting during the trip. I can promise you it will be so good for them to get outdoors and learn some survival skills!! I will add camping was extremely challenging with a 1 year old so if you have small children, I would wait till they are old enough to walk and be aware that fire burns. Otherwise you will be chasing them the whole time and it won’t be as fun for you. I will be waiting till my youngest turns 4 before we go again but we did love it!!

Till next time!


Here’s the link to the nature journal we used during our trip!! We loved it!

Shark Week

Last Week was Shark Week and I’m not sure how it almost got away from us!! We love shark week because it’s a time for us to learn and explore sharks. It also gives us a little break from normal school work. It summer and there’s just something about sharks and summer that makes us feel like we aren’t just stuck at home… and we are exploring the depths of the oceans.

We didn’t realize it was shark week till the day before our summer camping trip… you know as mom is packing everything and cleaning, very last minute…

So even though I was super busy that day, I just rolled with it. The moment I realized it was shark week, we went straight to watching shark videos on amazon prime and making shark cupcakes. Of course I also didn’t have pre-bought cake mix so we had to pull the good one Betty Crocker cookbook down and wing it. Later that day we also did this really cute shark craft!! Which I also didn’t have the materials needed for the craft… so Walmart grocery pick up it was…Does this only happen to me or is this just normal to be completely unprepared?! Wish I could say I have it all together but I don’t and I think that’s ok. Will post the activity in case you’d like to do it with your kiddos too!

I’m not sure how I managed to squeeze shark week in one day but it happened and here’s some pictures of it. And last but not least there was lots of playing Baby Shark…I’m sorry if it’s stuck in your head now. :)


Highly recommend this adorable LOW MESS craft book!! You can order it off Amazon HERE. Did I mention it’s LOW MESS! ❤